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Ever wondered what your car thinks about you? Or about anything else, for that matter? If so, this autobiography of a Triumph Dolomite Sprint will go a long .
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Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Cummings always creates with the ideas of social equity and sustainability.

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They called Good "Bougwan," or Glass Eye , because of his eye-glass. View in context. Sometimes the sun fell through the window on his glass eye , and lighted a spark in it which sent Felicite into ecstasy.

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He said that as he was sinking deliciously to sleep, the moon lifted away the shadows and developed a huge cat, on a bracket, dead and stuffed, but crouching, with every muscle tense, for a spring, and with its glittering glass eyes aimed straight at him. I sometimes met David in public places such as the Kensington Gardens, where he lorded it surrounded by his suite and wearing the blank face and glass eyes of all carriage-people. She asked if she was expected to wear wooden legs or false hair or glass eyes ; and as she spoke her eyes sparkled like the terrible crystal.

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Mike Johnson, station manager forJames Streetand Lime Street, said: "I remember once a few years ago a pouch with a glass eye was found, I think it was on a train at Ainsdale. Artificial limbs to sex toys - the mad things people are leaving on Merseyrail trains; Seen my glass eye? We go behind the scenes at train operator's lost property department.

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According to the account, at night, just before leaving for his quarters, Patch-eye Pete would place his glass eye on a table, clearly visible to all of his staff in the mill and warn them that if they tried to steal anything while he was gone, he would know about it through the glass eye.